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Im Tim. Hai DERRR!! im 16. Legal and taken/Engaged :D haha

Oct 26

I cant let go

Yes i no, you will probebly read this. but im going to just pour my heart out anyway.

Ebonee Laura Visser,

This as been the most amazing 6months of my life. we have had a bumpy ride. with you moving away and all. i thought we would last forever,

then i made the most fucked up mistake i have ever made. and our relationship was lost. but in the end, everything just reminds me of the amazing times we have shared. you made it worth getting up in the morning, just reading txts from you made my day. i just have no idea what i am going to anymore, this isnt a guilt trip of any sort. i just cant picture us not together, we seemed so perfect together, i guess we tried to work this out, sometimes things are unfixable. I know how i feel about you, and will always feel about you, your the only girl ive ever loved with ALL MY HEART AND SOUL, i just dont want to let you go. its to hard from all the things we have been through, i just want to be back together with you. but i guess we cant have what we want. i would kill to be able to see you, i cant even write how i fell about you, i cant see properly cause my tears are bluring my vision. After 6 wonderful months, it came to breaking point, i fucking hate this, i just want you. but i guess no matter what i say or do will change the fact that this has all happened, i hope we can work this out soon, and be back together stronger than ever and ready to takle this head on. i could write more, but ill leave it for when we talk next

I love you forever and always my beautiful girl, the only thing i regret is causing this whole thing to happen.

I guess im asking already, please take me back

We shall see. This will be my last post tumblr.

Goodbye and goodluck

Oct 25

I just want to get away from brisbane,

im sick of all the bullshit that happens up here. im sick of being sad, and counting down to when i see her again, i just want to be able to see you when ever i want, get cuddles when ever i want, get kissed when ever i want :(

i want the old days back :(

but most of all… i want to be with you

Oct 24

So today was a pretty shit day

1st My alarm didnt go off so i was late for work…Thanx Iphones -.-

then as the day went on, it just went downhill, but ive actually relised that i love her more than ever, and we are all only human. and shit happens for a reason, theres no point punishing someone for a mistake they made,

Forgive and forget right :)

this is just one of them weekends, i will forget… i also worked it out

398 days until i move to melbourne to be with the girl of my dreams :)

Oct 12


Sep 9

Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

hmmmm… i dont really wish i didnt have it, but probs getting over angry over little things :(

So my night involves the following

Talking to ebonee on msn


Drinking (Not Alch)

Showering (i hope every1 did)

phone to ebonee

Msn to ebonee

Harrold and kumar

Life is 90% complete

Just need ebonee here for cuddles and kisses, and then its 100%

almost 10days till i see her, fuck yeahhhhh!!!!!!!!

shes the light in my heart, without her it would go out and i would die


Sep 7

So, I’m officially bored out of my brains, legal is shit boring, wish I went home but I promised eboneeeeee I would go to school, so I’m trying :) So in other news… Its13days until I see her again, words cannot describe how much I’ve missed her, then on the 23rd it’s our 5th month, it’s been a battle with her moving away, but that’s love I suppose It’s not supposed to be easy

Sep 3

Sep 2

Hai tumblr, been like ages since I’ve posted, so here’s an update, I hate my life in Brisbane, I just wanna move in my with the person that makes me happiest ever, but I can’t, it’s almost 17days until I see her again and like omg I can’t wait I miss her more than words can describe, least she will be here for our 5th month… That’s all for now, bai

Aug 23

So…. Along time since I posted It was mine and Ebonee’s 4month yesterday and Tomorrow is our 2nd Month in long distance which sucks ass, but as my dad once said Love was never ment to be easy, fuck me he was right for once, but ohwell we will get through it :)

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